On August 7th, 2018, organizations across the country hosted block parties, rallies, teach-ins, and other community gatherings to define what safety means to them. Check out some of the events that happened in 2018 and come back this summer to see what we have in store this year! 



Organization: Faith In Action Alabama
Where: Huntsville, AL - TBD
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time-TBD
What: We will be gathering to launch our campaign Operation Bail Out, where the faith community will protest the injustices of the money bail system by bailing people out who have minor offenses and are too poor to pay bail.



Organization: Trans Queer Pueblo
Where: 1726 E Roosevelt St. Phoenix Arizona 85006
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time-TBD
What: What does safety and liberation mean for trans and queer migrants and people of color? We will gather the 7th of August as LGBTQ+ migrants and communities of color to end criminalization and state violence, create autonomous wellbeing, and imagine a world of safety and liberation for our communities. At "Queer-més por la Seguridad y Liberación #NOSL18." Community members will share food and company while cycling through stations to write letters to LGBTQ+ migrants in detention, get STI and HIV testing, participate in traditional healing and create a vision quilt to collectively imagine our trans queer future and be part of making Phoenix a safe place for all.  



Organization: Ecology Center
Where: Right next to the South Berkeley Farmers’ Market
When: Tuesday, August 7; 6 pm - 9:30 pmm
What: Come celebrate community with Ecology Center Farmers’ Markets and Phillips Temple AME Church. Food, music with Hip Hop for Change and DJ O-Aces, BOUNCE HOUSE, movie screening and more.

Los Angeles

Organization: Justice Not Jails
Where: Ward AME Church, Los Angeles, CA
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time - TBD
What: Moderated panel discussion with activists and members of law enforcement oversight boards including the Police Commission and the Sheriff's Civilian Oversight Commission.


Organization: Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Where: San Antonio Park, 1701 E 19th St, Oakland, CA 94606
When: Tuesday, August 7; 5 pm-8 pm
What: We're creating a safezone free of #BBQBeckys and #JoggerJoes in 2018! Gather in San Antonio Park for an evening of food, music, poetry, face painting, games, health & wellness services, educational resources and more.
Organization: Eastlake United for Justice
Where: East 12th Street and Lake Merritt Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94606
When: Tuesday, August 7; 5 pm-8pm
What: In response to the acts of racist vigilantism at Lake Merritt that have been targeting people of color and homeless folks we will come together around food, music, and building community. We want to build a neighborhood where people have the right to stay, not be displaced, and where safety doesn't require the police. Join us for a potluck, (please bring some food to share!), music, art-making, gardening and community safety resources.
Where: 32nd Street between MLK Jr. Way and West St., Oakland CA
When: Tuesday, August 7; 5 pm-8pm
What: An "old school" themed block party, with DJs and dancing, BBQ and good food, and lots of games for the kids.


Organization: RYSE Youth Center
Where: 205 41st St., Richmond, CA
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time -TBD
What: Join the RYSE Center in redefining safety beyond fear, punishment, policing, and incarceration. This community event features art & performances, resources, family-friendly activities, food, and fun! Come break bread, connect with neighbors, friends, and family, and join the conversation on what creates safety — from quality jobs to racial justice, gender justice to youth empowerment, immigrant rights to affordable housing and beyond. It takes a village to imagine what #SafetyIs for all of us — a village to build dignity, roots, power, and beloved community. 


Organization: MILPA
Where: Natividad Creek Park - 1351 Nogal Dr. Salinas CA 93905
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time -TBD
What: Members of Motivating Individual Leadership for Public Advancement (MILPA) will be hosting the local event, “Night Out for Safety and Liberation Skate Jam” at the Natividad Creek Skatepark. 


Organization: Sol Collective
Where: 2574 21st St, Sacramento, California 95818
When: Tuesday, August 7; 5 pm - 7 pm
What: A free community gathering featuring Live Performances by Philharmonik Philharmonik, Sol Labs: Art, Music and Self Care.

San Francisco

Organization: SF Interrupting Racial Profiling Campaign
Where: Mission Creek Park, 4th and Channel Streets, San Francisco, CA
When: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 6-8p,
What: Join us in Jordan’s ‘hood, the hood where a young entrepreneur encountered the infamous #PermitPatty, as we support families in San Francisco #LivingWhileBlack. Help us own our space and place in San Francisco’s shifting neighborhoods. 


Organization: Fathers & Families of San Joaquin
Where: Stockton, CA-TBD
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time-TBD
What: Join us for a community block party! 



Organization: Movement for Black Lives DC; Stop Police Terror Project DC; Black Lives Matter DC; API Resistance; SURJ DC; Maroon House
Where: Maroon House, 1005 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20018
When: Tuesday, August 7; 5 pm - 9 pm
What: A night of food, art, music, performances, conversation, and more! Building safer communities starts with building connections between neighbors. Childcare, ASL interpretation, and food will be provided.



Organization: Black Lives Matter: Chicago
Where: 63rd St. and Woodlawn, Chicago IL
When: Tuesday, August 7; 6 pm – 9 pm
What: We will gather in Healing Village, an open, tented area to honor the 2012 Woodlawn Mental Health Clinic occupation. For several years, community members and organizers fought hard with the City of Chicago to keep the mental health center open. We will explore the relationships between police brutality, violence and mental health, by hearing from families that have been impacted by CPD abuse. We will engage community organizers who have been fighting to incorporate mental health into a pending CPD consent decree and participants will create plans that will lead to constructing a grassroots model of community safety.



Organization: Restaurant Opportunities Center of Michigan
Where: Marygrove College- 8425 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48221
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time-TBD
What: Community event on campus grounds with food, music, spoken word, the visual arts, and small group breakout sessions on various issues that represent what safety and liberation means. There will also be onsite childcare and activities for children of all ages.



Where: Block Party at 28th St. & 30th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
When: Tuesday, August 7; 5p-7p
What: Join us for a Block Party to gather with fellow community members as we discuss solutions with neighbors about alternatives to policing in our neighborhoods.  


New York

Organization: Enlace-in collaboration with Freedom Cities 
Where: Brooklyn, NY
When: Tuesday, August 7; TBD
What: As NYPD prepares for their night out against crime we prepare for Night Out for Safety and Liberation. This NOSL we will rally against the rampant police brutality and the precincts responsible for the racist murder of Black and Brown people. Freedom Cities NYC will be coordinating with multiple community organizations linking police brutality to the rampant gentrification of Brooklyn and the hyper-criminalization of Black and Brown people. It is important that our communities redefine what safety means to use and instead of the imposed and forced term of safety being law enforcement. 



Organization: Ohio Organizing Collaborative
Where: 482 S. Arlington St, Akron, OH 
When: Tuesday, August 7; 5-8p
What: Join us as we discuss our goals to change the conversation about public safety, so that is less focused on fear, punishment, and criminalization and more focused on ways we can build equity and power by investing in our communities. Theme: Peace For Your Mind Body & Soul.


Organization: Southern Orchards Civic Association
Where: Family Missionary Baptist Church , 996 Oakwood Avenue
When: Tuesday, August 7; 6pm - 9pm
What: Join the Southern Orchards Civic Association on August 7th for our 2018 Night Out for Safety and Liberation! Our vision in Southern Orchards is for a whole, healthy, and engaged community where all people are empowered to pursue their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. To bring our vision to life, the Southern orchards Civic Association catalyzes collaborations with key strategic partners to improve the quality of life for all residents of Southern Orchards through individual and community services.



Organization: Enlace - Portland
Where: tinyurl.com/PDXSafetyIs (Register to receive location info)
When: Tuesday, August 7; 4p-8p
What: Join us to share food, music, stories and celebrate our communities as we create a safe, joyous space that is multi-racial, multi-sector, and that centralizes pro-Blackness and youth of color leadership. Free food, kids' space, workshops, music performances, interactive community art, healing and self-care activities, tenants’ rights' intake, prisoner letter writing station, and expungement clinic. NOSL exists as a space where our communities stand together against criminalization and policing, and toward a vision of safety that leaves no community behind. At NOSL, we can practice bringing our visions of liberation into the now.  



Organization: Faith in Texas
Where: Lew Sterrett Justice Center, 111 Commerce St,  Dallas TX 75207
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time-TBD
What: Our community will gather to bring attention to ending cash bail and educating people on the power of the Sheriff and district attorneys, as a step toward fighting for criminal justice reform. We will also launch our campaign to bail out folks who can't afford it every Friday in August.


Organization: Grassroots Leadership/Texas Advocates for Justice-Houston
Where: Holman St. Baptist Church- 3501 Holman St, Houston TX 77004
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time-TBD
What: Block party on Holman St, featuring a family friendly environment with a kid’s zone. Various community organizations will be on site providing information on various resources and information important to the community. We will have music, speakers, and food. 



Organization: Statewide Poverty Action Network
Where: Auburn, Washington
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time-TBD
What: Join us for a community block party! 


Organization: Statewide Poverty Action Network
Where: 1501 N 45th St, Seattle, Washington 98103
When: Tuesday, August 7; Time-TBD
What: Join us for a community-centered block party that happens nation-wide in participating cities. There will be food, fun, and community resources!