San Quentin Videos

#SafetyIs San Quentin 

Tommy 'Shakur' Ross

#Safetyis a world in which there is respect for everyone, regardless of gender. Where everyone can talk about their feelings, and not worry about repercussions or danger when leaving their house. Richard Solano, Rahsaan Thomas, Earlonne Woods, and James R. Metters Jr. discuss their vision on what #Safetyis from inside San Quentin Prison.



Ira “S.C” Prince, currently incarcerated in San Quentin, explains his view of what #SafetyIs. Prince discusses themes such as safety of his loved ones, and the dangers surrounding those on the outside. Safety is interpreted differently by individuals and is unique to everyone.



Phillipe Kelly (Kels), currently incarcerated in San Quentin, performs a lyrical interpretation of his vision of what #SafetyIs. “We should all feel safe / no matter the race / no matter the sex, economic, social status/or the space.




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